• Dean presented with check

    Students at Westridge Elementary in Elkhorn, NE presented Dean with a check on behalf of all the elementary schools in the district for $2,750 to be used for the Achuar Education Project! The students raised money through various fund raising activities to help generate support for the project. So awesome!

  • Dean handing out school supplies to Achuar students

    The SigEp Fraternity from the University of Nebraska will be my traveling companions in May helping bring school materials to the Achuar. We will also visit an indigenous community in the Andean Mountains to learn about their traditions and culture.

    SigEp Fraternity University of Nebraska I'm excited to lead this great group of young men into the Amazon Rain Forest so they can experience first-hand the magic of one of the most living places in the world. In addition, this is a very powerful way to support the preservation of the Amazon Rain Forest - by creating a relationship with those who have a sacred relationship to the land.

  • For a group of about 150 Fremont students from Grant and Washington elementary schools, Friday offered a unique learning opportunity to develop observation and writing skills as students, teachers and administrators joined local author and world traveler Dean Jacobs at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.


  • students in awe

    An educational experience that began nearly a year ago and logged thousands of miles over land, water and through the air came full circle Wednesday as Dean shared with students his adventures along the Mississippi River.
    Dean spoke to Fremont students prior to his Wondrous Mississippi voyage focusing on his explorations of the Amazon and Nile rivers and compared those to what he might find on the Mississippi. While on his journey down the Mississippi, Jacobs Skyped with classes and now he’s making his way around to Fremont’s elementary schools presenting what he learned and experienced.


  • The students of Mrs. William's class at Highland Elementary in Denver, CO proudly display a drawing given to them by one of the Achuar kids in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador. Highland Elementary also opened their hearts and gave $200 for the Achuar Education project!

    Thank you Highland! You Rock!


  • During my trip on Enrichment Voyages' MV Explorer this December, I asked a few people to write down their dream for 2014. It was a fun exercise that gave me the opportunity to connect with people and more importantly, a chance for them to express to the world something important.

    Smiling Explorer passenger


  • With every passing minute, we left behind the noise of the so-called developed world as our plane flew deep into the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

    The loud sound of the plane engine began to fade as I pressed my face against the plastic window to get a better view of the endless rainforest below. The unceasing green was occasionally separated, only briefly, by a brown river winding its way toward the mother of all rivers – the Amazon.

    There is no place like the Amazon Rainforest in the world. Thirty percent of all the living species in the world are said to call it home. Most of those have yet to be documented.

    I was on my way to visit a couple of indigenous villages from the Achuar nation of Ecuador. They are a proud and distinct people who have lived in harmony with the rainforest long before the Spanish ever arrived.

    My mission this day was to deliver three duffle bags stuffed with school supplies to remote village schools. There is no store down the river for the Achuar people who are dedicated to educating and empowering their children to be good stewards of the rainforest. Their lives are a balancing act between two worlds – a sustainable existence in the rainforest and the consuming demands from the so-called developed world for the natural resources that surround them.

    The Achuar are a dream culture. In the darkness of the early morning, the Achuar wake at 4 a.m. to interpret their dreams to gain insight on the actions to take for the day and the future. About 15 years ago, a dream appeared to the Achuar to reach out to the west, to the very people they considered being a threat to their way of life. The intention was to build a bridge between these two worlds to help preserve the rainforest and the world.

    Their dreams have now reached me.

    - Dean Jacobs
    Many thanks to my friends at Mountainsmith, for supporting me with outdoor gear.


    Smiling Achuar kids

    Very happy Achuar children.

    Achuar kids at school

    Achuar children at school.

    Achuar boys fishing

    Achuar men and boys fishing.

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