• Amazon Rainforest Adventure

    Dean and Christina Serrano's authentic and life changing journey into the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador was a huge success. The trip combined indigenous wisdom and healing with conversations of life coaching supporting people and their commitment to live a good life, or Live a Life of Wonder™.


  • Building homes in Ecuador

    UNL Sig Eps painted schools in Avogera and Namatetee villages in Uganda to add excitement to learning and reinforcing school pride.


  • Dean Explores Your Nebraska

    Dean and friends explored the state of Nebraska and documented its wonders - all to share with schools throughout the state.


  • Dean with James Marshall

    While on safari in Uganda Africa, Dean unexpectedly meets James Marshall, a 10 year old student who remembers his visit to his school three years ago in Arkansas. On top of that, James is traveling around the world with his parents for seven months!


  • Video of Dean at Ballard Schools

    Dean visited the Ballard School District in Iowa and was interviewed and filmed for a documentary, sponsored by Huxley Communcations. This candid documentary gives viewers a glimpse into what drives Dean and how his educational presentations inspire students.



  • Student and miniature monkey bonding

    Dean is very excited to announce he will be teaching a class, How to Explore, next spring at Wayne State College. The class will prepare students for an adventure and will culminate in a trip to Ecuador in June of 2020. If you know any WSC students who would enjoy taking this course next spring and exploring the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest please share this information.


  • Dean taking a selfie with students at Battle of the Books

    Dean's school presentations continually recieve priaise from administrators, teachers, students and parents for the quality of his presentation and his inspiring message. In addition to being fun and motivating, Dean's visits support and reinforce the NGSS and ELA Common Core (Speaking & Listening, Redaind and Writing) Standards. It's no wonder educators love him.

    "Dean is intentional about connecting his message to the standards and your initiatives. By visiting Dean’s web site, it’s obvious to see that a visit from Dean will support and reinforce the NGSS and ELA Common Core (Speaking & Listening, Reading, and Writing) Standards. What you might not notice is that Dean’s message also supports the Universal Constructs (specifically Flexibility & Adaptability), Communication, and Creativity through the sharing of photos, videos, and stories of how he traveled the world on $10-15 dollars a day. His program can also strengthen learning around Growth Mindset and Grit."


  • You know you're making a difference when a student takes the time to write...

    "Hi Dean! About five years ago you came to my elementary school to teach us about your trip to the Amazon and to lead a writing workshop. Before I continue with this message, you should know that you have impacted my life so much. Things you taught us still remain with me today. I am no longer scared to push myself. I am no longer feared by what is beyond. After participating in your workshop, I would love to pursue my dreams and become an author. Dean, if there is ever a time when you’re feeling down about something, I want you to remember me because just as I was about to put the pencil and paper down, you made me pick it up and keep writing. I can’t thank you enough for that. Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your incredible adventures and life lessons with me at such a young age, that I still hold on to today!"


  • Dean planting tree

    Dean has been busy sharing his message in his home state of Nebraska. Sharing the season with Henry Winkler, Robert Edsel and Anna Quindlen, Dean was a guest speaker for the prestigious Omaha Town Hall Lecture Series. One week later, he was hosted by the Wayne State College Explorers Club to present on his experiences in the Amazon. While there, he was invited by the Wayne State Student African Association to help plant a tree and say a few words in honor of Nelson Mandela. Anytime there's an opportunity to inspire, Dean will!


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