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  • Jacobs Headed Out Into the World Again

    Dean Jacobs is embarking on another journey.

    This journey started today, when the Fremont-based world traveler departed to South America to explore the Amazon River basin.

    Dean at the airport"This is going to be an incredible journey," Jacobs said. "It isn't just the river that I want to explore, but I want to also meet the people that call this still very mysterious region of our world home. How do they live their lives? How do they educate their children? How do they connect with the environment around them? What is the animal and plant life there?

    "We are all connected with the environment around us," he continued. "I want to see how the people in this region connect with their environment. I can't wait to start."

    The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world and the river with by far the most volume of water flow and the largest river basin in the world. Its basin of 2.7 million square miles is only slightly smaller than the 3.1 million square miles of the 48 states that make up the contiguous United States.

    "When I'm there I will share the stories that I learn and the images that I take with people here through several avenues - my website and blog, Facebook, Twitter and through a regular column in the Fremont Tribune," Jacobs said. "I want to share what I learn. I want to share this journey with all of you. It will start with 10 days of a guided tour with some of the indigenous people who live in the rain forest."

    Jacobs plans to be gone six months. He will return in late April.

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