Stories from the Mississippi

  • Lake Itasca
    Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River.

    On My Way Down the Wondrous Mississippi

    Hello from the beginning of the Mississippi River!

    Adventures come in different shapes and sizes. Mine have taken me all over the world, but not so much in the United States.

    So now it is time to set off on a new adventure, one within the borders of my own country. For the next two months I will set off to gain some insight, understanding and appreciation of the Mississippi River.

    Starting up at Lake Itasca, in northern MN, I will follow its course as it dashes north before it arches east and eventually completes the U-turn and heads south. I have little personal history with the Mississippi River. Growing up in Nebraska, all things centered on the Platte, Elkhorn and Missouri Rivers with an occasional outing to the Niobrara.

    The Mississippi River is known to me only in books, which were read years ago, or from looking down on the river from above as I drove across a bridge in the Twin Cities or the Iowa border with Illinois.

    The Mississippi River is a stranger to me, a place on the map. But I know it is much more than a squiggling line separating states. It is a link to our past and a connection to the beauty of this grand country.

    So come with me to discover for a moment in time, the Mississippi River of North America.

    Dean with his canoe and truck
    Dean and his canoe packed and ready to go.

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