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Dean presenting keynote

Through his emotional stories, stunning images, and powerful experiences, Dean brings audiences out of their seats and into the world with him. There, they laugh, cry, struggle, and learn the keys to success on all of life's journeys.

Dean will take you on a journey that teaches lessons that challenge and inspire you to live fully. Lessons that point to a life filled with a sense of purpose and peace. Experience lessons that will have you:

  • Letting go of the familiar to discover what’s possible
  • Moving past your fears to reach new heights
  • Exploring the magic of curiosity
  • Believing that ordinary people can do extraordinary acts
  • Experiencing moments of the heart that change the world
  • Learning lessons that pause life
  • Understanding that humor is priceless

"Town Hall members traveled to the Taj Mahal, the Amazon rainforest and the monolithic rock-cut churches of northern Ethiopia. They joined Dean as he bonded with mountain gorillas in Rwanda and provided school supplies to the Achuar, a group of indigenous people living in Ecuador.

They laughed, they cried and remained engaged the entire presentation, thanks to Dean’s effective use of humor and relatable accounts of self-reflection."

- The North Platte Town Hall Lecture Series Board of Directors
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Dean presenting to college students
Bring Dean Jacobs to share with your audience the priceless lessons of life. Dean has a warm and real presence that is vibrant throughout the entire presentation, genuinely touching lives in a personal way. He has been described as “the salt of the earth,” he feels the world is his home and treats people with the same respect and dignity the world showered upon him. Real life lessons learned from real life stories that point to what really matters to all of us, staying true to our own hearts. Take this fabulous journey with Dean that promises to be an adventure that will lead you to the undiscovered treasures of your own heart and inspire you to begin your own “Wondrous Journey”.

"Dean's presentation was inspiring, uplifting and motivating. His views on life, mankind, and the world we share were outlined in simple terms we could ALL relate to. The audience was left hopeful and positive by his amazing stories. Dean's ability to relate to and interact with the audience was superior. He will certainly be a welcome part of our future programs.”

Eric D. Gordon, Associate Professor – Clinical
OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Dean on  motorcycle in CambodiaDean Jacobs is a professional photographer, writer and motivational speaker and has spent a large part of his life exploring the world, inspiring people to reach beyond the simple goals and to follow their dreams. He has a natural ability to inspire others to set off on their own personal and professional journey.


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