Your Nebraska Revealed

Your Nebraska

After traveling through 57 countries, Dean set out to explore the state of Nebraska. There's no place like home and Dean is on a mission to discover and document the magic that is Nebraska and to share this experience with school-aged children throughout the state.

Dean has created a presentation that reveals YOUR Nebraska to educate students about why they should be proud to be from their remarkable state. The development of this sense of pride provides hope to our youth.

What "Your Nebraska" is All About

Explore With Dean - Your Nebraska Intro.

How the Concept of the "Your Nebraska" Project Was Born

Explore With Dean - Your Nebraska.

The Explore with Dean - YOUR Nebraska project is intended to capture and experience the magic of Nebraska. The presentation inspired by the project offers a way to deepen students' appreciation of: where we came from, who we are and what we aim to be.

There are so many distractions and worthless time-grabbing noises in our culture; I sense we have forgotten how to appreciate or celebrate what we have right in our backyards.

Nebraska is not a random place; the weather cycle here does not allow one to casually go through the motions and land here. Countless people have passed through Nebraska over wagon trails, dirt roads and rails, most determined to find something better.

A few stayed.

This project, and the presentation created from it, honors those who stayed — those who came before and found a home. It is also for those who have followed, whether by birth or choice.

As Dean set out to explore Nebraska, to rediscover its history, to uncover hidden treasures, and to make new friends, he deepened his appreciation of home. He looks forward to sharing the magic of Nebraska with its students.

“EXPLORE WITH DEAN - YOUR NEBRASKA was the most successful visit I have had here at Florence Elementary. Days after his visit, parents still tell me what a wonderful job he did celebrating Nebraska and how much he influenced their child to 'live big and don’t let fear stop you.' ”

- Regina Loehr, Florence School


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