Dean was so inspired by the sights, people and wildlife that he encountered during his journeys around the world that he needed to share them. He narrates his experiences in “Wondrous Journey” and puts a valuable educational twist on the award-winning “Wondrous Creatures”.

  • Dean shares his "Wondrous Creatures" book with the Achuar childern of the Amazon River.

    Photo by Cristina Serrano.

  • Wondrous Creatures iBook Available

    Wondrous Creatures

    "Wondrous Creatures" is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer.

    Dean teaches children about the animal kingdom through photos, stories, recordings, 3D maps, simple quizzes, and more—all while reinforcing reading skills and knowledge of the alphabet. Covering a different creature for every letter from A to Z, Dean explains what each one eats, where it lives, its size, and what makes it special. For letter X, Dean invites readers to create their own animal using special drawing and writing tools built right into the book. Those who have found creatures in their own backyard can also use this book to write about, photograph, and share their findings with others.

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  • Wondrous Creatures

    Recipient of 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award!

    As Bronze medalist in the "Juvenile-Teen-Y/A Non-Fiction" category, this book is a hit with students and teachers alike. Inside you'll see real life photos of animals taken from journeys around the world and real world examples and stories of animal habitats.

    Teachers, you'll love this: "Wondrous Creatures" is endorsed as a valuable resource to support the Common Core Standards Initiative. VIEW THE CORRELATION DOCUMENT.

    Educational text co-authored by Amy Tharp.
    Book design by Jared McCarthy of McCarthy Creative.

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  • Wondrous Journey

    From May 2001 to April 2003, Jacobs traversed the globe on a low-budget adventure to better understand and know the world we all share. Living on $10-$15 a day, Jacobs wandered from Australia and Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Africa as he explored 28 countries. He crossed the equator four times, ate exotic foods and encountered fascinating animals.

    But more importantly, in a world that we are told to be afraid of, Jacobs found something different. The kindness of the ordinary people in the world was the rule, not the exception. Near the beginning of Jacob’s journey, the event known as "9-11" occurred. Instead of stopping, he continued out of a realization that more than ever he needed to learn about the world. This is a story of a man who would stop at nothing to follow his dream and the magic that happens when one follows his heart.

    Jacob’s book captures the essence of the 22 1/2 month journey with 190 pages of stories and 70 pages containing 140 wonderful color photographs.

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